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Our Product Testing Teams put the products through detailed side-by-side testing plans, both in the lab and in the field, and carefully assess performance, ease of use, and reliability.

We recommend the best picks Self fetch machine with popular brands below: Greenvine, Hurrik9, All for paws, Palulu, Abc pack & supply, Zyyini, Yeego direct, Purevacy for you. Read on to find out which is the best for you.

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  • Power Adapter Included: If you use it indoors, no batteries needed, just plug and play. This launcher also features a battery compartment for [8] C batteries for when you want to play outdoor.
  • Updated Latex Balls: Comes with 6 small size 2 inches latex balls, which are more durable and easier to clean. The launcher works best when balls are kept as clean and dry as possible. Only one ball can be loaded at a time.
  • Standby Time: Whether the power adapter or battery is used, the machine is always in standby mode and will not automatically shut down. In battery mode, the machine can work continuously for about 30 hours. Please press and hold the key for 5 seconds to turn off the machine.
  • FUN DOG BALL TOYS are smart companions for your pet. If your dog feels lonely or lacks movement, use our indoor dog games for dogs. Automatic dog launcher (ball thrower) is designed to make your dog happy while playing with automatic dog toy ball.
  • WHITE TENNIS BALL THROWER FOR DOGS: Dog ball launcher (automatic) measures 10.2 x 8.3 x 10.6 inches. Automatic tennis ball launcher for dogs has 3 distance settings (10 ft, 20 ft and 30 ft). Dog fetch toy includes 3 tennis balls for dogs.
  • COMPONENTS OF TENNIS BALL SHOOTER FOR DOGS: Set of tennis machine ball thrower includes dog automatic fetch toy (1 piece), instruction (1 piece), required: 6 x AA (not included), 2" dog fetch ball (3 pcs).
  • WITH 3 MINI TENNIS BALLS: The dog tennis ball launcher comes with 3 mini tennis balls (5 cm/2.0 inch diameter). Use other balls of a similar size. Try not to get too dirty or wet as this will affect performance.
  • HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC MATERIAL: The dog interactive automatic ball launcher is made of plastic for -term use and can be played indoors and outdoors.
  • THREE RANGE MODES: The dog tennis ball launcher has three range modes: /9.8ft, 6m/19.7ft and 9m/29.5ft. One button control, adapt to different sizes of indoor and outdoor areas.
  • 【Adjustable Distance】Tennis ball launcher for dogs can throw balls to 10ft, 20ft,30ft,or random distance (when all three green lights are on),which can easily be changed with the push of a button. Choose from three different preset launch angles to set the perfect throwing distance for your surroundings.For your dog to enjoy his happy time,we suggest that you could buy a box of spare balls (ASIN:B0BDRL912J).
  • 【Package Included】1×ball machine,1×AC adapter,6×high pinballs .The ball machine can be plugged in use or used with 8 C batteries (not included),and it is easy to operate.※※Note: Our balls are not the size of standard tennis balls,please use our original tennis balls,Do not use a standard tennis ball or other ball into the launcher.(Standard tennis ball diameter is about:2.6 in;Our original tennis ball diameter:1.97 in).
  • 【Easy To Operate】This interactive Ball Launcher is an automatic fetching machine, the launcher features make independent play easy and fun,all you have to do is plug it in,choose your launching distance and then drop in a ball.【Note:The machine must be turned on before the ball can be placed,do not put more than one ball in atone time.Also do not put dirty or wet balls,and ensure that the launch card slot is dry.】
  • 3 DISTANCE SETTINGS: The dog ball launcher automatic has 3 pre-installed distance settings. Ball thrower for dogs machine provides distances of 10 ft (3 m), 20 ft (6 m), 30 ft (9 m) for various situations, park and square sizes, in order not to throw ball too far or too near with good pitch force.
  • NO NEED TO LAUNCH BALLS MANUALLY - use our automatic tennis ball launcher for dogs, that is powered by electricity with power cord (included) or 6 C-type batteries (not included). Small tennis ball thrower for dogs is easy set up. Reliable working mechanism functions properly, without jamming/stalling.
  • AUTO BALL THROWER FOR DOGS 10.2 x 8.3 x 10.6 inches: Our clients recommend this automatic dog ball thrower launcher as a very useful device to keep the dog busy. The kit includes one dog fetch machine and 3 sturdy 2-inch mini tennis balls (other size balls 2.5 inch won’t fit).
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What do you have to consider before buying the Self fetch machine?

Whether you are a newbie or a professional buyer of the Self fetch machine, you also have to consider some features of this product before purchasing since there are numerous items available in the market right now. 

So, what are these features? Reading the following section to figure out some essential things you should keep in mind and think about before buying the Self fetch machine.

Training Required

An automatic pet globe shooter may seem simple enough to you. However, take a glance at it from your dog's viewpoint. Is your canine presently semi-trained and sufficiently polite to understand how to utilize this new toy?

Some pets can learn to launch toys almost immediately, while some may require a little extra instruction. Do you think you could teach your pet to do so? Alternatively, if you would like an automatic toy launcher, then you should consider getting one for them. If you'd rather not spend money on something for your pet, then you may wish to get a basic training class for him/her.

Device Size

When choosing a sling for your dog, consider where you want to use it most often. For example, if you're going to be walking your dog in the city, look for something lightweight. On the other hand, if you're planning on taking your dog camping, go for something heavier duty.

Remote Control

You don't need to be near the automatic ball dispenser when you have a remote control for it. With a remote, you can change the settings from the comfort of your couch or even your bed. Your pet will enjoy playing fetch while you're relaxing at home.

Ball Size

One size doesn't fit all. Automatic pet spherification machines designed to fit small spherical pets may pose a choking hazard for your large fuzzy friends. Large dogs require a machine that can accommodate bigger balls.

It's difficult for small dogs to attempt to eat balls that are also big. Tennis balls are useful because they're easily available and replaceable.

Throw Angle

You can add interest to games of fetching by selecting a gadget that allows you to alter the launch level. Change up the game for your dog, so he never comprehends where the ball will certainly go after it has been launched. A variable degree is helpful for playing indoors, since it permits you to play in an atmosphere that isn't too hot or cold.

Specialty Balls

Certain devices have special features, such as being saliva-proof or having extra soft material so they don't hurt your pet.

Throw Distance

Control the launch range so you may enjoy your dog. Throw the range from as little as ten feet to as much as thirty feet. Adjusting the throw allows you to play with your pet indoors and outdoors. An extended throw range is not ideal for an indoor setting.

Motion Sensors

If you want to help your dog understand that he shouldn't stand directly in front of the gun when it's loaded, then you might consider buying him one of these units. They're designed to protect both you and your pet from injury by preventing the trigger from firing if there's any kind of movement detected in front of the firearm.

Multiple-ball Chute

If you're able to train your puppy to play fetch multiple times without dropping any balls, then you've got her well on her way to mastering the skill.

Power Source

Round throwers may be manually powered by having a person pull back on a rope, but most are powered electrically or require an electrical outlet to operate. If you don't have any fresh batteries, you can get a cordless version that runs off its own internal battery, or one that plugs into the electrical socket.


1. Are Automatic Dog Ball Launchers Noisy?

You may hear some noise from the speakers when they first start up. If you have a nervous or scared pet, it may take them some time to get used to the sound.

2. How Long Should I Let My Dog Play With An Automatic Dog Ball Launcher?

It's important to supervise your dog for several minutes at a time. If your dog has been left alone for too long, he may become tired and restless.

3. I Found A Deal On An Automatic Dog Ball Launcher, But It Uses Mini Balls. Is This Launcher Okay For My Large-breed Dog To Use?

Don’t let your dog choke on a small ball. Choose a proper size so he doesn’t choke.

4. Do Automatic Dog Ball Launchers Require Any Maintenance?

It is important to clean out the equipment regularly. Dog slobbers may get into the chutes as well as accumulations of dust and/or spit could obstruct the launch.

Final Thoughts

It is a challenge for everyone when shopping for a new Self fetch machine. We hope that the buying guide above will help you broaden your mind when buying anything you want. Luckily, some well-known brands, including Greenvine, Hurrik9, All for paws, Palulu, Abc pack & supply, Zyyini, Yeego direct, Purevacy, are available as trustworthy resources for you to go first for high-quality and long-lasting products.

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