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  • Dog crate includes a divider panel, durable & leak-proof plastic pan, protective rubber feet, carrying handle, and customer support team based in Indiana
  • Easy to assemble & portable | Dog crate sets up in seconds with no tools required and conveniently folds flat for travel
  • Newly enhanced with added security features to keep your pet safe | Slide-bolt door latches now feature patented Paw Block and locking tips to create a safer, more secure home for your pet
  • LARGE DOG BREED KIT INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET STARTED: 1 fully equipped 2 door iCrate, 1 dog bed, 1 crate cover & 2 (1 quart) pet bowls that affix to the dog crate; Dog crate measures 42L x 28W x 31H inches when assembled
  • ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE & PERFECT STARTER KIT FOR THE NEW DOG OWNER. Everything you need arrives in 1 carton so you can enjoy more time with your new family member
  • DESIGNED TO FIT & USER FRIENDLY: Fleece pet bed & polyester crate cover fit your dog crate & are machine washable/dryer friendly; 2 inches Snap'y Fit inches dog bowls are designed to attach to the dog crate keeping food & water in one convenient location
  • Easy to assemble & portable | Dog crate sets up in seconds with no tools required and conveniently folds flat for travel
  • iCrate single door dog crate measures 48L x 30W x 33H inches and is suitable for extra-large dog breeds with an adult weight of 90-110 pounds. If your dog’s weight or measurements are on the higher side for this crate, we recommend buying the next crate size up
  • PLEASE NOTE: MidWest Homes for Pets manufactures the iCrate & Life Stages dog crates. Assembly and safety instructions are included; please read all safety instructions prior to use
  • 【Dog crate with cushion】: Matching cushion in the crate take your dog a warm and more comfortable sleep, and also we use the wooden plate at the bottom, no foot jamming, more safety.
  • 【Multi-functional】: This pet furniture can be used as pet crate ,also as a side table, end table or night stand.The wide top provides enough place to put some decorations such as small/medium plant, magazines, family picture frames and night lamps and so on.
  • 【Double door design & Adjustable feet】: Your pet will go in and out easily with double doors. When the floor is not flat , this side table can be kept stable by the adjustable feet.
  • 🐾【Wide Top & Extra Drawers】Featuring an end table design with two spacious drawers, this decorative wood dog crate offers a roomy amount of storage for fitting more in one piece of furniture. The Large top of the dog kennel crates allows you to place anything from planters to TV remotes on top of the flat surface. Do more with less space.
  • 🐾【Independent Room for 2 Dogs】Our large dog crate has 2 independent room (33.7''W x 20.9''D x 30.7''H) for pet. This large dog kennel is a comfortable place for two small to medium breed dogs that share this double-wide crate to rest. If you need more space for large breed dogs, you can remove the internal divider. The size of Large single room option will be 68''W x 20.9''D x 30.7''H. You dog will have enough space to turn his/her body and enjoy their new room.
  • 🐾【Hassle-Free Assembly】: Simple installation required. The packaging is equipped with instructions and an accessories bag, all parts included in your package are pre-numbered and pre-drilled. It would just take you about 45 minutes to get a new impact dog crate furniture with storage cabinet. If you have some trouble in installation, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you.
  • ✿ EASY-CLEAN REMOVABLE PAN: Features a removable tray to make cleaning up easily. It allows for any soiling to drop to the pan to maintain a clean environment for dogs. And the dog kennel can easily slide out for easy and convenient cleaning.
  • ✿ EASY TO INSTALL: The dog kennel versatile design allows for extremely easy set up. It only takes less than 10 minutes because majority of the parts are already preassembled. Overall dimension is 38"L X 27.0"W X 31"H
  • ✿ LOCKABLE &MOBILITY: The four quality wheels are for easy transfer from inside to outside. Two wheels can be locked to prevent accidental movement and keep your dog crate securely in place.
  • As pet owners, we know that traveling with our furry friends can be a challenge, especially when it comes to finding the right crate to suit their size and needs. For smaller pets, our 26-inch crate is perfect and can fit any size cat or small dog, such as Maine and Dachshunds. Our 30-inch crate is ideal for medium-sized dogs like Poodles, while our 36-inch crate is perfect for medium to large-sized dogs like Labradors. Our 39.5-inch crate is suitable for larger breeds such as German Shepherds.
  • Due to slight production variances in the cloth cover, you can easily adjust the tightness of the cover using the spiral head, which is our patented design, whether you're using the foldable dog crate after multiple washes. This helps avoid any incompatibility issue. Additionally, our dog crates for medium dogs is versatile for various settings, such as the beach, or uneven ground like grassy areas. You can adjust the cloth cover to ensure your pet is comfortable and snug while inside the crate.
  • We provide comprehensive after-sales service and sales network. If you have any issues with the cloth cover or stainless steel pipe, we can assist with replacement. Additionally, if you have any confusion about how to use our product, we have instructional videos available for you to watch. To avoid any delays during your travels and minimize waiting time, please select the appropriate product size for your pet before making a purchase.
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What should you consider when choosing to buy Best large breed dog crate in 2023?

Every company and business when selling products always wants to get their products to as many customers as possible. However, not every product launched has received favor and acceptance from customers. The decision to buy it depends on many factors. 

So what are the basic factors that have the greatest influence on customers' buying decisions? Let's discuss the most important factor to make consumers buy the Best large breed dog crate.

Potential Drawbacks

Your decorative doghouse may have a few inherent drawbacks, like the simplicity of setup and removal. (And some assembles could be difficult!) These types of huts are intended to be integrated into your house as furnishings, so after they're put together, they should be secured in that location. Likewise, these types of confinement systems don't have the versatility of sizing like wired cages that can be customized with an adjustable slot. Be careful when measuring to make certain your pooch will have sufficient space to be comfy within.

These double-duty crates are essentially furniture, so they can cost anywhere from $100 and up. So if you're looking at buying one for yourself, think of it as an investment for both your pets and your home.

Removable Tray

If you want to avoid having accidents inside your house, you'll need to keep your pet out of his/her crate long enough to go outside. Fortunately, most kennels come with a removable tray so you can clean off any spills before they get too big.


Apart from functional aspects like a removable tray—much more on that below—you'll additionally want to think about the overall look of your possible crate. You're likely going to see your pet's dog crate often, aside from.

A traditional wire cage is perfect for most dogs. If you want something that blends into the room better, choose a wooden cage. For something that stands out more, consider a metal cage.


If you don't mind cleaning up after your pet, then choose a wire crate. Wire cages are easier to clean than wooden ones because they're usually made of metal, which makes them easier to wash down.


Divided panels are an excellent method for dividing your pet dog's cage into two separate areas. When your puppy grows in dimension, you may alter the quantity of room she gets. In addition, if you have 2 pets who do not get along, you can utilize a divided panel to divide their cage. Be sure each puppy has enough space to perform their own function.


Make sure that your crate has a soft flooring surface.


You can use wheels to easily transport your dog's crate from one place to another. It's particularly useful if you want to keep your puppy in his crate during the night. When he gets older, you can put him in there when you go to sleep.


A wooden crate could be safe for even more calm puppies who don't bite, but those with puppies or biters would prefer not to use this kind.

Typically speaking, you'll intend to make certain that the container has an enduring framework that won't flip over or allow your pet canine retreat. Wire mesh alternatives could provide more protection concerns, so you'll desire to choose a strong, high-quality wire mesh option. This will definitely decrease any type of possible injuries, such as getting paws embedded in the cable or escaping from the box entirely, and give you greater convenience. Plastic choices normally come with fewer protection issues, nevertheless you'll still want to make sure that the pet box is chew resistant, without any removable things that may be eaten or chewed.


1. How Do I Get My Dog Used To His Crate?

Preferably, one ought to study some literary works on how best to raise a puppy, as there is a great deal far more to it than we could recommend you about below. Nevertheless, we will certainly state that it needs to be an incremental process. Don't merely shut your puppy in for the very first time and also leave him there for hours, as he might get scared and also may build a permanent disinclination towards the house. Allow him go around the home room over a couple of days or weeks, permitting him run it out at his own pace, and also encourage him inside with treats and also toys.

2. How Long Can My Dog Stay In His Crate?

A puppy needs to relieve itself every 2 hours or so, whereas an adult canine just requires to go once or twice per day. This is because puppies have smaller bladders and need to relieve themselves more frequently than adults.

It's not right to keep your pet inside its cage for 8 hours each and every single working morning and evening, and after that again at nighttime, since it won't get any sort of mental and physical exercise. A number of pets are kept in their cages just until they've learned to use the bathroom and also have passed the baby puppy stage, when they wish to eat everything. After that the door is usually open, so the animal can decide to rely on its own cage whenever it wishes.


Once taking the final choice, a comprehensive review of client input is essential to find the Best large breed dog crate with popular brands below: Midwest homes for pets, New world pet products, Dwanton, Lovinouse, Shushim, Petsfit that are right for you.

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