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  • ALL-SEASON TEMPERATURE CONTROL: (I) Thermoregulation Microencapsulation technology absorbs, stores, and releases heat to maintain an ideal “comfort zone” temperature all year round. (II) Our dog cooling bed eliminates uncomfortable temperatures which will reduce movement while resting, ease interrupted sleep patterns, discomfort, tiredness, & insomnia. (III) Releases heat and delivers a Q-max rating >0.6 on a hot day while storing heat at cooler temperatures.
  • CALMS & SOOTHES: (I) Dog Crate Bed with Lavender aroma naturally helps to relieve hyperactivity as well as reduce your dog’s stress & nervousness. (II) Helps ease the symptoms of dog anxiety when left home alone in a crate. (III) Great for soothing on trips to the vet or long car rides. (IV) Lavender is well known to help fight insomnia.
  • WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: (I) 40” x 27” x 4”. (II) Certi-PUR-US Memory foam. NO mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, & ozone depleters. (III) Passes stricter European REACH safety standards. (IV) Machine washable. (V) 12 Month Warranty
  • Available Sizes Dog Beds for Extra Large Dogs: Dog bed medium, 32" x 24" x 3"; Dog bed large, 39" x 33.5" x 3.7"; Dog bed jumbo, 47" x 39" x 3.7"
  • Soft Dog Bed Mattress: This sleeping bed is stuffed with recyclable PP fiber and high density foam which is safe for pets and humans alike. The dog bed is incredibly soft, gentle on noses and paws, support your pet's vertebra, providing your pet with a comfortable space for a restful sleep
  • Easy to Clean Dog Bed XL: The zipper which lines the cover makes it removable, fully machine washable, no hair and fur adhesion and will maintain its quality after multiple washes and drying. Note: The Inner liner does not need to be disassembled and does not support machine washing
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Diamond Gray; Jumbo, 44" x 35" x 8.5" (4" Foam; Sleep Surface: Approx. 28" x 23")
  • NOT SUITABLE for pets with excessive teething or destructive chewing behavior
  • EASY ON JOINTS: The memory foam top helps cushion pressure points, relieve joint pain, and improve body alignment, while the fluff-filled bolster railings support the neck, back, hips, and joints; both help to ease discomfort and encourage restful sleep
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