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John Grogan By, John Grogan
  • RAISED POULTRY CAGE: Come with nesting box, resting box and ramp, poultry can lay eggs in the nesting box, ramp allows poultry easy to enter the run area
  • SMALL CHICKEN COOPS: Overall dimension: 70’’(L) x 25’’(W) x 40’’(H), hold 2~4 chickens for grazing and laying, depending on size and breed, with 2 latch doors to keep poultry safe and access
  • PREDATOR PROOF: Stainless steel carabiner clip locking system with wire mesh to keep the snake, possum, fox, predator away from your chicken, rabbit, duck etc
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Pre-drilled frame with counter-sunk holes allows for easy installation
  • NECESSARY SHELTER: 2 pack of chicken coop nesting boxes provide your chickens with space for both solitude and community
  • 3 NESTING BOXES: Wooden chicken coop with 3 individual nest boxes
  • 【1.26’’ Diameter Durable Steel Structure】The large metal chicken coop is made of high-quality galvanized steel, ensuring stability for long-term outside use, don't worry about rusting. The portable chicken pen cage has an upgrade reinforced design, which steel pipe diameter is thicker than most sold in the market, which is strong and stable enough in windy and heavy rain.
  • 【Suitable for Outdoor & Easy to Clean】The chicken run canopy is made of PVC coating wear-resistant Oxford cloth, easy installation, and is removed for easy clean. And this chicken runs for yard with cover makes your chicken pen keep away from sun, rain, or snow. The tube of the large walkin chicken coop is rust-resistant smooth surface is easy to clean with a wet cloth or some running water, to keep in a clean environment for your chicken.
  • 【More Space Flat Metal Chicken Coop Run】This flat-roofed large metal chicken coop outdoor has more space than a spire-shaped chicken coop, provides small and medium-sized animals with sufficient room to play and rest. This high-quality large lockable chicken coops for 10 chickens can help keep animals of chickens, ducks, dogs, rabbits, cats, or hens for foraging.
  • 🐣【Great Service】- We are devoted to providing premium products and services for customers.We provides warranty. If you have any questions during installation or use, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service is online 24 hours all day.
  • 🐣 【Easy to Assemble】 - We are equipped with detailed installation instructions. We optimized every connection part for this poultry cage, this is the most difficult step during installation, but we guarantee the quality of these connecting parts, this greatly saves installation time and energy.
  • 🐣【PVC Coated Hexagonal Wire Mesh】- The wall of the chicken coop is made of PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh that is too solid and durable to damage. Also, the small gaps between meshes add safety to your chicken that prevent them from some predators and the wire's spacing won't pinch or provide gaps for paws to get caught on or stuck in-between!
  • Chicken Guard Premium Model has a door lifting capacity of 1kg (2. 2lb). no minimum or maximum door heights. Chicken Guard supplies a highly durable cord which has a breaking strain of 25kg or 50lbs
  • At Chicken Guard we take great pride in the quality and efficiency of our automatic chicken door opener and we know you will love its convenience! This is why we are backing The Auto chicken coop door opener with 100% money back + 3-year manufacturer warranty, making your purchase absolutely risk-free!
  • Simple to setup - All in one design, no complicated wiring or cabling. Attach the ChickenGuard door opener to your chicken coop, connect the cord to your door and you are ready to go. This listing is for the opener only so that you can fit it using your existing door.
  • 【Paradise for Poultry】A warm & dry resting box attaches to an extra-wide fenced enclosure that creates a comfortable natural environment and promotes a healthy lifestyle for poultry. It’s a perfect mix of safety and freedom for your lovely friends and has all the characteristics of a home. Your beloved small fur friend will feel well-being to stay in this cozy hutch
  • 【User-friendly Design】Removable metal litter tray can be pulled out smoothly for maintenance to clean. An overhead hatch allows easy access to your chicken's eggs while a removable divider provides privacy and protection. A stable ramp helps chicken climbs up and down easier. The wire fencing provides a complete view of the chickens' activity.
  • 【Sturdy&Durable】100% Solid fir wood construction with non-toxic water-based preservative, composite asphalt shingles, and galvanized Wire Fences means the weatherproof chicken coop will endure years of use with very little maintenance. Multiple Lockable doors with Latch and No-scratch Board keep small animals in and predators out.
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What 2 chicken chicken coop should you use?

A lot of the products are available in the marketplace, so which one will work best for your requirements? It is a tough query for all consumers when buying. By analyzing, assessing, and testing thousands of items, our group has found the entire manual for everybody to purchase the 2 chicken chicken coop.

Read the following sections to learn more about the 2 chicken chicken coop and understand its importance.

Standalone Coops

They're typically made out of wood, but if built from lumber, they can be prone to rot or infestation by rodents.


You need to clean out your chicken coop regularly, so be sure that it's easy to access for cleaning. Some designs have removable manure trays, so that you can scoop out the waste straight into the compost bin.


You'll need a way to get into the coop so you can feed them and clean their nesting box. A ramp may be helpful if the coop has an elevated floor. For younger birds, a step ladder might be required.


Coops should provide protection from the elements in all times so consider the atmosphere where you reside. If you obtain a lot of rainfall or snowfall, think about a raised house that gets the hens off of moist soil. Make certain you place the coop in a dry region and not in an area where moisture will certainly accumulate. Roofing material is likewise important dependent upon the weather in your location..

Creature Comforts

You must provide chickens with access to clean, fresh drinking as well as eating waters at any time they require them. Putting the drinking and also food items right into the coop ensures different birds don't go in there, so ensure your coop has sufficient room for both food as well as drinking vessels, with easy access to you to inspect as well as refill the vessels.

It isn't necessary to provide every chicken with their own nesting boxes; however, they must have some kind of place where they can lay eggs. A horizontal roost provides them with a safe resting spot during the day and keeps them together at night.


Good air circulation is crucial, as well as not simply for warm climates. Moisture from the moisture of chickens' breath and feces will cause chilly temperature and frostbite in cold weathers. Roof venting provides great airflow without generating drafts. Think about factors such as louvered vents on the rooftop, or poultry towel screens. In cold areas, chicken farms may require a heat lamp within the pen during the winter season, so think about these details when picking out a coop.

Movable Coops

Are on wheels and additionally are exceptional for anybody fascinated in permacultures. They may be shifted to provide the poultry new ground wherever they scratch up the dirt and also consume the insects along with weeds. They never ever should be cleaned, either-- you simply shift the coop and allow the feces function as fertilizer for your lawn (or even grass). Although this could advantage some city backyard gardens or rural or countryside house homeowners with lots of area, it's not ideal if you're searching for an incredibly tiny space.


There exist a number of pest animals that desire to eat the eggs - as well as the chickens - as well. Prairie wolves, dogs, raccoons, skunks, weasels, foxes, owls and also hawks are each enemies to your backyard flock. A coops that can protect these pests out is very important. The hens must likewise really sense secure in order to continue to lay. Make certain house window s are covered in protective material ( mesh-welding wire ) or screen, not chicken string which is easily bent.

An elevated wire cage with an open top keeps birds away from predators and helps keep wood parts off the ground. Also, automatic doors are available that will shut when they detect motion and lock if no one opens them for a set period of time.


The hens' egg-lending period relies upon the duration of the day, so if you're using an artificial lighting system, think about a hanging lamp, which will definitely keep them producing longer. If you are utilizing an electrical heating unit, the power source ought to be adequate.


When thinking about how much work you're going to put into building your own cage, think about how much time and energy you're willing to invest in making sure everything comes together perfectly.


1. How Many Nesting Boxes Do I Need?

You can enable up to one 12x12 nesting boxes for each four hens. However, jam-packing the flock can cause some negative effects, including the possibility that the hens might eat their own chicks. When that happens, it becomes difficult to stop.

2. Will The Chickens Go Into The Coop By Themselves Or Will I Have To Tempt Them In?

If you want to teach your chickens to come back to their coops at nightfall, keep them inside until dark. They'll associate the coops with nighttime.

3. What Age Do Chickens Have To Be Before They Can Use The Coop?

While fluffy chicks are adorable, they'll require special care within your home prior to being able to venture out into the wild. Chickens (12-16 months old) can safely go outside cages. They should begin producing egg at ages 22-28 months. In colder climates, ensure you have sufficient warmth within the cage, particularly for younger birds.

Final Thoughts

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